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Download the App, request a Real Estate Agent and one will meet you at the door in minutes.

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No appointment needed

Agent on Demand

See the Agent en route with their ETA

Get a private showing on your schedule

Rate the Agent when done for future reference

Use the same Agent again or try a new one next time.

No obligation

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Request a Real Estate Agent to show a home in your area in real time.

Real-Tour Now keeps track of all the Agents you have used. When it’s time to make an offer you choose your favorite agent and get a new home!

Currently available in Eugene and Springfield Oregon.

Available on the Google Play store.

How it works

If you are out in a neighborhood looking at houses for sale and see one you would like to view, download the app Real-Tour Now. Once you upload your name, phone number and email, click on the car icon to request a showing. The closest Agent to your location will respond and you will instantly see how many minutes until they arrive. Once there, the Agent will be able to help you get in for a showing if vacant or give you the information you need to view other houses in the area.

Calling all Real Estate Agents:

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We want to send you clients who are ready to buy.
Real-Tour Now is an app that allows buyers to request a private showing on-demand. All you have to do is go show the property.

Real Tour Now

Get a home showing in your area in real time. The app keeps track of all the agents you have used. When it's time to make an offer, you can choose your favorite agent!

Agents: Get Access Today!

Real estate agents need to download a separate app to be able to show homes to buyers. Take a look at the Real Estate Agent page for the most recent prices.

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