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Showings on demand with the Real-Tour Now app

Real-Tour Now is an app for home buyers. It’s easy to use: download the App, request a showing at a for-sale home, and a real estate agent will meet you at the door in minutes to show you the property!

The Real-Tour Now app works just like popular ride-sharing apps Lyft and Uber. Users call for an on-demand showing when they’re ready to view a house. Then, a nearby real estate agent shows up to help them.

If someone is looking for a home and visiting a neighborhood and they see a home for sale, that buyer can download the application and view all available agents in that particular community. They can immediately request a real estate agent to meet at the house for a private showing.

This app by Real-Tour Now is free to download for both agents and home buyers! The app is available at the iOS and Google Play stores.

As of April 2020 the geographic range for the Real-Tour app is the Eugene and Springfield communities, with plans to expand statewide to Oregon and eventually to Washington State, California, then nationwide.

Real estate agents get involved with Real-Tour by downloading the application. Once their information is uploaded and they are verified to be a licensed real estate agent, their account is activated. After turning on the “active” status on their app, the real estate agent is available to start accepting new real estate leads.

If that agent happens to be the closest agent for a prospective buyer, the agent will be notified. The agent can accept or decline the request. If they reject the request, the request will be submitted to the next closest agent.

Once accepted, the potential home buyer finds out the agent’s name and company and is notified of the estimated time for the agent’s arrival. This dynamic app even displays the route the agent is taking to get to the home buyer and provides updates on the agent’s arrival progress.

After the assigned agent shows up at the house, the buyer is taken for a tour of the home. The agent can then sell themselves to the buyer, potentially leading to a connection that converts the home buyer into a new client for the agent!

After the house showing, the buyer and agent rate each other on a one-to-five stars scale.

This app transcends the real estate industry into the modern age of on-demand services. In an era when so many products and services are being rendered in in-demand fashion for increasingly time-started consumers, the Real-Tour Now app accelerates the home buying process for all parties involved.

This innovative app not only expedites the house hunting experience, it also avoids awkward situations. For example, after the home buyer selects a real estate agent on their own — which takes time — the buyer may discover they don’t prefer that agent. The home buyer might feel obligated to stay with that agent once they use them to view a house.

But with the app, the buyer gets an agent in just minutes of the request to view the home. They’re under no obligation to use that agent for the next home to be viewed. Instead, the app empowers home buyers to connect with as many agents as is necessary until they are satisfied with the agent and the house. It is all part of the “agent-on-demand” process that sets consumers up for success when searching for that perfect home!

This app also offers agents some distinct advantages, especially new agents. As a result of the app, agents can come into contact with multiple home buyers in fast succession. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertisements, agents can rely on the Real-Tour Now app to connect them to consumers who are ready to purchase a home! This type of real estate lead is highly qualified, and much more likely to convert into a sale!

Meet Shannon Reilly, founder of Real-Tour Now Inc.

The idea for launching the Real-Tour Now app came to me about a year ago when I was brainstorming how I could find more clients. My referral business was doing well up to a point, but soon home buying activities for me started to slow down.

I knew I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on advertisements. There weren’t any guarantees of results. There was no doubt in my mind that there were buyers out there searching for homes on sites like Zillow and Redfin. But home buyers were relegated to blindly searching for the right agent and I wasn’t aware of where these buyers were. I needed a way to connect with these prospective clients.

Then it came to me. Why not develop an application that shows agents in the neighborhood who are available to show houses on demand? And that’s how Real-Tour Now Inc. was born!

My wife and I have two children. I moved to Eugene in 2009 after searching along the West Coast for a nice community to raise our family. What I especially like and appreciate about Eugene is its small-town charm. My wife found a job at the university and we really enjoy the many parks, trails and rivers here. We are all outdoor enthusiasts.

I am originally from Connecticut. I briefly worked in sports medicine after earning a bachelor’s degree in that field. Later I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I landed a job working as a washer at a restaurant after having no luck finding work in sports medicine. During my tenure working at restaurants, I dedicated myself to learning all about the restaurant business, which culminated in landing a job as general manager at a steak and seafood restaurant.

I later launched an Irish pub concept at the Rio Hotel called the Tilted Kilt. Along with three other people, we grew the company and then we franchised the concept, and it became one of the fastest growing concepts in the country over the next five years. By 2017, our family moved to Oregon and I eventually sold my interest in the business concept.

I have always had a passion for real estate. So after my wife encouraged me to venture out and make connections in the community, I decided to get a real estate license. I soon joined Sixel Real Estate as it was a local company and 100 percent women owned. I wanted to support that.

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