Real Estate Leads at your Fingertips



Are you a real estate agent looking to build your business?

Verified, ready-to-buy clients can be at your fingertips when you subscribe to the Real-Tour Now app. With just one simple click you can connect with real estate leads who are real clients requesting a private showing of a local property. Once you accept the showing, closing the deal is all that’s left for you to do!

We’re waiving the $100 monthly fee for real estate agents for 6 months when you sign up now.

How the Real-Tour App Works

Buyer Finds Home They Love

With the Real-Tour app, buyers are able to request viewings for local real estate listings right from their phone. When they find a home that they want to see, they simply click a button and a message goes out to real estate agents nearby.

They Reach Out & You Respond

As the first Agent to respond, you accept the showing request and head off to meet your potential next new client at the home. It’s that simple. Schedule a showing if the home is vacant, or set up a better time for the buyers and sellers.

You Show Them the Home

Meet the verified buyers and show them the home. Making a great first impression by being the first to respond creates a high chance that they will hire you to be their agent. Seeing buyers face-to-face is a great way to build your real estate business!

Close the Deal

If they love the home, close the deal with them! If not, you have the opportunity to suggest other local homes or areas. Receiving real estate leads and meeting Buyers who are ready to buy now gives you the greatest opportunity to close a deal in a short time.

An Innovative New Way to Find Real Estate Leads

As an active real estate agent you’ve been told that to get new leads, find new clients and close more deals, you have to spend hours on the phone making cold calls, wander around neighborhoods knocking on doors, and reaching out to your network.

With the Real-Tour Now app you can skip the chasing and start responding to verified real estate leads that come directly to your phone.

When you hold an Open House right now you often sit in the home alone, waiting for a potential buyer to walk through the door. Sometimes they do, but sometimes they don’t.

With the Real-Tour Now app it is as if you are holding Open Houses all across your area, every day. No need to wait for buyers to walk through the door, you can go to them!

Instead of paying thousands of dollars a year for real estate leads that have been resold to more than one agent, or old leads that have gone stale and are no longer interested, you can enjoy hot, ready-to-buy real estate leads that get you to more closed deals faster.

Why spend all your time and money on finding more leads when instead you could be closing deals? It’s the easiest way to build your real estate business!

Let’s face it, having hot, new real estate leads delivered to your phone is not for every Agent. The Real-Tour Now app was created with Agents who are seeking new business and willing to try innovative ways of growing in mind. If that is you, this app will help you build a business that is recession-proof, with a steady stream of new buyers seeking a chance to meet with successful Agents who can think outside of the box in real estate.

Real-Tour Now is for you if you are:
✅ Ready to start building your business with real estate leads
✅ Tired of paying high prices for non-qualified leads
✅ An Agent who knows their area and business
✅ Ready to meet Buyers and impress them with your skills
✅ A real estate agent who wants to let go of cold calling and door knocking
✅ Innovative and excited to offer your buyers new ways to find their next home

The Real-Tour Now app is not for you if you are:
❌ Happy with your business just as it is
❌ Afraid of trying a new way to sell real estate
❌ Not interested in new buyers
❌ Aren’t looking to close more deals

Real-Tour Now is an all-new way to get new real estate leads without the hassle of traditional marketing and prospecting. With this innovative technology, YOU, as a real estate agent, will be able to connect with new Buyers and close more deals.

The best part? It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars or take hours and hours of work to use. For just $100 month you can sit back and relax and let the leads come to your phone. During beta testing, the app is free to use for 6 months!

It’s never been easier to build a real estate business than it is now with the Real-Tour Now app. You can spend your time doing what you do best, showing homes and closing deals.

Ready to start getting new real estate leads to your phone? Download the app here and start accepting showings today!

Real Tour Now

Get a home showing in your area in real time. The app keeps track of all the agents you have used. When it's time to make an offer, you can choose your favorite agent!

Agents: Get Access Today!

Real estate agents need to download a separate app to be able to show homes to buyers. Take a look at the Real Estate Agent page for the most recent prices.

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